Harmony Grant Approved, Public Mine Access, Server Upgrades and more!

Hey Everybody,

Just a little update. Thanks for your patience first and foremost! We know it’s been quiet, which is a good thing frankly. Very few issues and we aren’t spamming up the chats instead of working!

First up…. *Drumroll*

Harmony Development Grant/Bounty Approved

DaVinci x ViperSwap present The Discord Banner Contest

“Harmony family, Harmonauts, Sneks, Artists, thank you.”

The launch of both the first fully graphed DEX and NFT Marketplaces on Harmony protocol have been an amazing display of the power of community; and we want to keep that going!

We are proud…

Empire State of Mind — Available on Davinci.Gallery . (1 of 10)

Hello everyone!

I have received a number of requests for more information regarding custom work since my debut on Davinci.Gallery last week, and wanted to update everyone with some progress we’ve made in getting commissions implemented.

Firstly, thank you. The support I’ve received from fellow artists (some amazing ones are…


“Professional” Photographer of 15 years. minted NFT Artist

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